Monday, July 04, 2005


Finally, after some account modification, updates are coming. Due to IT restrictions, I was not able to access for a while. I still cannot access it now, but I could post messages via email. So here are the updates for the websites.
A file download center has been created. It's a free, ad-sponsored Tripod account. There are ads, but they are not very intrusive in website use. Further, only Tripod allows file upload-download functions. The link is found in the Hymns Section of the Corps Site.
Identifying certain software, the Download Center would contain basically two types of files - Music and Info-Documents. Music that would be uploaded would be songs from the Vanguard CD, but if you have other organizational songs that you think we should share to website visitors, do not hesitate to send me the file or the link. Documents would be lectures or poop sheets or related material.
A password restriction is currently in the works. As the Center does not have any files, yet, I am not very much concerned with the password restriction.
The Forum is still being considered. I am trying to find an ad-free message board. Please give me any info if you have such.
The NSTP report has been included in the NSTP Section of the ROTC Web portal.


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