Saturday, June 04, 2005

Website Update: New pages in COC Website

For those who see the websites other than the homepage, this might not be news anymore. For those who see the first page of the websites (e.g., ONLY, you would notice a lot of developments. This time, there are too many developments to mention. So just visit the websites.

All the websites are continuously updated. Further, all websites are inter-connected - besides the link of "Go the UPM ROTC Portal" or "Link to UP Manila Corps of Sponsors Website" - there are articles which are mentioned in one organization, but the article needs to be placed in the site of the other organization. This would allow visitors to see all the organization's sites.

As a target for the website administrator, I would be adding a Cadence article EVERY DAY. I work Saturday to Wednesday. Those days, there would be an additional Cadence article to be added in the Database.

Please utilize also the Chatterbox with the COC website. This has been created particularly so that visitors - particularly members - could exchange messages about the developments and activities of the organization without numerous emails in everybody's mailbox.

For comments and suggestions, do not hesitate to contact me with our Contact Us page.


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