Monday, May 16, 2005

Website Updates: UP Manila ROTC Portal appears in Yahoo! Search

Hello everyone!

The UP Manila ROTC Web Portal finally appeared in the Yahoo! search, Number 1!

It's something we should use. Now, we could even tell everyone to use Yahoo! Search and use the keywords "UP Manila ROTC" and they would get to the right page.

This would communicate our serious efforts and the professionalism of an organization - a former organization, but an institution nonetheless in UP.

You might also want to search for "UP Manila Corps of Sponsors," and one search entry is my personal blog.

Okay. So much for that.

Now, we go to the plans.

With this development, we have to develop our websites to include as much useful information as possible. We would include a page about NSTP, particularly about history and program implementation in the UP Manila situation. Some papers would be useful here... I would also try to get data from the UP Manila for inclusion in our website.

For the Corps of Cadets site, the unit articles are difficult to produce. Of course. O, well. Each unit section would have at least the following pages:

Cadence introductory article
Unit Introduction and Specialization Explanation
Program of Instructions
Unit Activities (with pictures)
Related Cadence Articles

If possible, a unit history would be included in unit section.

These developments are encouraging. I hope we would all do our best in developing the websites.



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