Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Website Updates: New Articles in COC Website!

Konnichiwa, minna-san,

I. There are new articles on the following units in the Corps of Cadets website:
  1. Cadence - finally finished.
  2. Kampilan Battle Group
  3. Service Support Unit
In addition, the "Units" page has been scrapped. Instead, the links to the units have been put on the left column of the Units and Organization page (formerly, the "Command and Control" page).

II. Upcoming articles:

Strike Force

There is no Cadence article on Rayadillo in my files. Anyone care to write on that or in other units, like the SF, COCC, NCOTC, or the Corps of Officers (The COS has a dedicated website, why not at least a feature on officer corps?)?

Click here.

III. I would no longer create separate websites for the units (e.g., KBG website or Rayadillo). Instead, I would put Unit-specific sections in the COC website.

IV. COS, any ideas or articles?

V. I encourage you to give your feedback on the website. Try searching for the website in Google, as I have not yet seen our website in that Search Engine. We have made a significant breakthrough in having it appear in Yahoo!

Try also other search engines you know, as I have submitted the site to fifteen search engines.

VI. If you have other feedback, including layout, I would be happy to hear them.



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