Monday, May 23, 2005

Website Updates: COC Website

As of the moment, the website administrator is pleased to announce that the following pages have been added/developed in the Corps of Cadets Website:
  1. Change of the "Photo Gallery" into a "Corps Acvitities" page, with explanation on the typology of major and common Cadet activities. Each type has a sample picture of the common activities.
  2. KBG sub-section. This section has new pages on brief history and commanders, unit-specific activities. A POI (Program of Instruction) page is available, but it is not yet fully functional due to lack of available data.
  3. A "Vocabulary" page for common UPM ROTC terms and abbreviations.
Currently, the COC Website has significant development targets (i.e., it is lacking the following):
  1. Rayadillo article
  2. UPM ROTC Program of Instructions
  3. Comprehensive Corps history
  4. Unit articles on all special training schools
  5. Cadence articles database (there is already a page, but it lacks the appropriate links to the articles. Further, not all articles are there).
Most of the above targets could be resolved via human resource.

Keep posted for developments.


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