Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Web Services for Visitors and Members

Using various free services, some visitor and feedback features have been added in our websites. To organize the presentation of these features, some previous contact channels have been removed (or re-channeled to another). Here are the specifics planned:
  1. Contact Us - The Contact Us page in the COC Website would be removed. A link would be provided that would take the visitors to the Contact us page of the Web Portal. The Contact Us page of the COS would be maintained due to the distinct community of the sponsors.
  2. Guest Book - One is provided for the COC Website (particularly for cadets who might want to separate themselves from cadet officers' feedback), and another is for the Web Portal. This feature is already up in the two sites.
  3. Forum - One to be provided is for the whole UP Manila ROTC community, but the link is provided in the COC Website. It is planned that this service would be password-protected. Members-to-be may email the Webmaster for the username and password.
  4. Downloads - This would basically contain PDF and DOC files of lecture sheets and military information. The link to the site would be password-protected and would be provided in the COC website, too.
  5. Updates - The explanation to RSS is linked to the Web Portal, but every website has an update graphic.
For feedback on this plan or suggestions, please do not send to send me an email. You may also use the Chatterbox on this page.


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