Monday, June 13, 2005

Web Update: New Sections

Who takes the hard responsbility of managing the Corps and achieving the objectives and visions?

The Officers.

Who are thought of as supermen or power-trippers?

The Officers.

Who answers to the DMST, the University officials, and the Army when the cadets fail?

The Officers.

Why not create a section for them?

Why not indeed.

In this light, a new section has been created in the COC website, the "Officers" page. In this section, there is a narrative about what it is to be a cadet officer (particularly, in UP Manila ROTC), and the Corps of Officers as an organization. A series of links would also be added here about the "View from the Top" articles from the Cadence Database.

Next. Do you still know Hail the Corps? Or do you even know UP Naming Mahal? Well, worry no more.

A page has been created that would display the songs of the UP Manila ROTC - from UP Naming Mahal and Push on UP to Field Artillery Song and Scout Ranger Hymn.

Visit the Corps Website to appreciate them better.


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