Saturday, July 09, 2005

Downloads, Lyrics, and More!

Significant developments have been made in the UP Manila ROTC Web Portal and the Corps Website.

They are the following:
  1. Download Center - while the Download Center does not have ROTC download files yet, it is nonetheless fully operational. Any file could be easily uploaded for visitors to download. Of course, the Download sections are password-protected...
  2. Forum - A forum has been created for all visitors - UPM ROTC member or not. All a visitor need to do is create an account for the forum. The URL to the UP Manila ROTC Forum site is
  3. Lyrics Section - Finally, lyrics are available in the Hymns section of the Corps website. The section has four (4) pages for the four types of songs the Cadet Corps: University, Corps, Fraternity and Military songs.
  4. Shibboleths - A new anthology has been added in this section: When Nature Wants a Man
Keep posted for developments!


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