Wednesday, September 28, 2005

New Layout, Streamlined Presentation

In an effort to avoid clutter, minimize confusion, and rationalize the overall presentation and organization of the website's pages, the major sections have been re-organized as can be seen in the website of the Corps of Cadets.
As of the moment, only the COC website has been re-designed. The Web Portal and the COS website have yet to be studied if there is a need for re-design of its presentation.
In addition, a lot of new articles have been added in the Database. Most are socially related articles (such as "United States: Peace Promoter or Warlord?") and Views from the Top  articles. For the moment, it is deemed that it would be beneficial for the site (rather, ro the visitors of the site) to include socially relevant published articles first (instead of purely cadet corps news, like registration updates).
Further, so that articles would not have a problem with finding sites (in case the search tool does not work properly or as expected), the articles would have again the links in the Database page.
We hope this development would allow visitors to have easier navigation of the websites and get the information they need easier.


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