Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Chancellor Aguilar Honored at ROTC Parade and Review

A parade and review was held in honor of the new UPV Chancellor Glenn D. Aguilar on February 22, 2006 at the UPV Miagao campus parade grounds.

The was ceremony rendered by 112 agile men and women officers and members of the Reserved Officers Training Corps Unity (ROTCU) of UPV. The event was also a venue for the presentation of sponsors of the ROTCU Corps of Officers.

On hand to witness the military honors are Lt. Col. Romeo V Ucag from 6RCDG ARESCOM and ROTC Commandant Major Alfredo Labro with UPV officials of administration including Vice Chancellor Diana Aure.

In the message he delivered to the Corps of Cadets and Cadettes, Chancellor Aguilar recalled his own military training in UP Diliman 26 years ago where he belonged to the Field Artillery Batallion. He mentioned that in their time, only men were allowed to join the ROTC and how this has changed with 70% of the present UPV corps to be female.

He also apprised everyone that the very first organized ROTC in the Philippines was in 1912 at the UP when a training group of Philippine Constabulary Officers started training young students as part of the university's academic offering. This showed that UP can trace its military training even before the Philippine Military Academy.

Even when at this time that UP Diliman has phased out its ROTC program, UP Visayas has continued with the curriculum of military training. "As the bastion of academic freedom in the country, the University of the Philippines has always accommodated many different contrasting and even conflicting ideologies and philosophies," Aguilar contends.

In thanking the ROTC Corps for the honor, he bids them "You are part of a long, established and proud tradition – live up to it, do your share of nation building and partake of the discipline and training provided to you as part of your educational experience. Perhaps, recently, you may not be able to see the emerging value of such training. But in the future, I know, you will."

The ceremony was made even more bright by the corps of sponsors who lent elegance to the occasion.

The Corps Commander was Cdt. Col. Ferlan L. Farinas with his Corps Sponsor Ms. Zinnia Villarin. (Anna Razel L. Ramirez, IPO)

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